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This is it … this is it! After 11 years of head full of dreams and love from my Sananas Family who never stopped believing in me and giving me wings, after more than 1250 videos on Youtube, here are my own cosmetics. My brand with its universe, its values and its messages. I can’t believe it, I assure you. Yesterday student filming me the weekend to help others feel good inside by having fun with their outside beauty, to the business woman who creates her own formulas, pinch me! Besides, you must ask yourself: “Why Otrera?” Well …

In the past, Amazon women warriors would cut off their breasts to better shoot at the bow and that was part of their femininity. It was not their bodies that qualified them, but their strength, their perseverance, their respect and above all the solidarity and love they bore. They supported each other and fought battles that were always linked and connected. Today I want to make OTRERA this link that unites us all like an arrow taken from antiquity and crossing time in order to find the femininities of today in order to help them to face their daily life as a warrior.  OTRERA is a true ally of life that will give meaning, strength and self-confidence to today’s plural female Amazons. Ultra-glam weapons for fun, to flourish, to discover and to reveal all facets of his personality. OTRERA is also the name of the first Amazon Queen that I imagine powerful, caring and committed and that’s how I see you.

Ever since I was a little girl, I believed in the power of makeup. Not as a weapon for hiding, but as a key that opens the most hidden doors within. The ones we don’t dare open or the ones we don’t even know about. In any case, that’s what it does to me and that’s what I read in all those who venture to try. It’s always a revelation, an excitement, an aura that you don’t see but perceive and feel. Sometimes you need a boost to see yourself as you really are, OTRERA is that boost.After years of testing products from brands from all over the world, whether in my room, on youtube or in your living room finally! : -) It is with great emotion and excitement that I finally present my products to you. Mine. My formulas, my choices, my decisions (and my struggles too, I must say! ), my babies, my desires and your expectations. I have always been honest and straight in my pumps by advising you the best and doing my best to avoid you the worst products. Today, I promise you to be even more intransigent with mine. Intense formulas, pleasant textures, rich pigments and ease of application without ever neglecting quality! You deserve the best and I will work there word of Otrera sister ! 

To all my Queens and Kings, with all my love, strength and good vibes, I welcome you to the OTRERA tribe. She will listen to you and support you as you have watched over me all these years.




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Introducing Otrera Beauty by Sanaa, the Founder and CEO