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The Y2 brush will be your perfect ally to apply your shadows precisely in the crease of eyelids without losing colour intensity. Its density of bristles makes it easy to pick up eyeshadow while its shape allows it to be placed perfectly in the crease of the eyelid. Unlike its big brother the Y1, the Y2 is used to apply your colour more precisely and to blend it in a more targeted way because its bristles are shorter and its tip less rounded. The Y2 can also be used to intensify your smokey eyes by applying a darker color to the outer corner of the eye, forming the famous “little v”, but also for the more daring who wish to achieve cut crease more easily. Be careful, to try it is to adopt it!

Small + : We are fans of its taupe outfit and its brushed gold armor that immediately gives it a luxury look but without the luxury price.

The Y in Y2 corresponds to the French word “Yeux” which means “eyes” in English, so that it is easier for you to understand the function of each brush, but as we always say: There are no rules! Use your brushes as you wish, that’s what makes them unique 😉


How to use it

The Y2 is perfect for applying your eye shadow(s) in the crease.

Simply take the desired color and apply it to your eyelid using small circular movements, staying in the crease and stretching it from left to right.

The Y2 is also perfect for intensifying your smokey eyes in the outer corner.


Premium quality synthetic bristles.


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Très belle qualité mais pas encore testé !

Marie-Charlotte B.