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The key to perfect make-up? Blending again and again! We know that, but we don’t have time to blend for hours, do we? The Y1 brush is a must-have for the lighter makeup looks as well as the heavier smokey eyes. Its bristles are of such quality and softness that you won’t want to stop blending! It’s a good thing because to ensure that your looks are flawless, you need to take the time to diffuse the material well, but you also need the right tool to do it perfectly and as quickly as possible 😉 The flexibility of its bristles and its curved shape make it possible to apply while blending easily the demarcations of the make-up without changing the shape nor the color. This brush has been designed and thought out down to the last hair to diffuse and soften the lines of your make up without too much effort. You can also use it to soften heavy make-up by using it without any material and taking it by the end of the handle for less pressure.

Small + : We are fans of its taupe outfit and its brushed gold armor that immediately gives it a luxury look but without the luxury price.

The Y in Y1 corresponds to the French word “Yeux” which means “eyes” in English, so that it is easier for you to understand the function of each brush, but as we always say: There are no rules! Use your brushes as you wish, that’s what makes them unique 😉


How to use it

We recommend using the Y1 to apply your transition blush at the very beginning of your look, but also to blend your makeup if you find it too intense.

At any stage of your look, feel free to use the clean Y1 to blur the edges and avoid demarcation.


Premium quality synthetic bristles.


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Très belle qualité mais pas encore testé !

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