Highlighter brush | V6

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The V6 brush has the perfect bristles and shape to apply your highlighter and illuminate your skin. The shape makes it easy to apply as it is precise enough to target the perfect spot where you want to catch the light. Its pointed end spreads the material perfectly over any area! The top of your cheekbones? The bridge of your nose? The cupid’s bow? The chin? No problem, YOU are in control – IT does the rest! All you have to do is to guide it and be willing to be radiant, like child’s play!

Small + : We are fans of its taupe outfit and its brushed gold armor that immediately gives it a luxury look but without the luxury price.

The V of V6 corresponds to the V of the French word “Visage” which means “face” in English, so that it is easier for you to understand the function of each brush, but as we always say: There are no rules! Use your brushes as you wish, that’s what makes them unique 😉


How to use it

-Pick up the product with the V6 brush and tap on the back of your hand to remove excess material
-Apply an illuminator to the top of your cheeks (just below your dark circles) using back and forth movements towards the temples.
Don’t go too far towards the centre of the face/near the nose as this is where the pores are most visible, applying highlighter on top will make them stand out (no thanks!).
Thanks to its precise shape, applying a highlighter on the bridge of the nose, under the eyebrows or just above the mouth (the cupid’s bow area) is quite possible and without effort or too much effect. It’s up to you to create the glow where you want it 😉

Let there be light!


Premium quality synthetic bristles.