Bronzer brush | V4

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The V4 is THE sun powder brush that really gives a natural healthy glow, without demarcation or streaking on the face. Applying your favourite bronzer will no longer be a secret for you because this brush will change the game. In addition to its almost “ball” shape that allows you to apply the material subtly, the V4’s synthetic bristles are as silky as can be, beating natural bristles hands down (and we make no apologies for that). Thanks to its rounded, domed sides, the bronzer blends like butter without creating ugly lines. The perfect balance between the softness, density and smoothness of the bristles allow for an even blending that will give you a custom tan effect that is so natural, you’ll see nothing but fire. (From the bronzer? Who? Me?)

Small +: We are fans of its taupe outfit and its brushed gold armour that immediately gives it a luxury side but without the luxury price.

The V of V4 corresponds to the V of the French word “Visage” which means “face” in English, so that it is easier for you to understand the function of each brush, but as we always say: There are no rules! Use your brushes as you like, that’s what makes them unique 😉



At Otrera Beauty, we prefer to go slowly-slowly, for a result without false steps 😉

– Take some sun powder, then tap it against the back of your hand to remove the excess. Apply the powder in circular motions, starting at the top of the forehead. Be careful not to go past the middle of the forehead, staying as close to the hairline as possible.

– Extend to the temples while keeping the same movement (as if you were making little circles with the brush) and then continue by applying the powder to the crevice under the cheekbones without going too close to the mouth (don’t go past the centre of your cheek).

– If desired, apply (very) lightly some sun powder on the centre of the nose bridge (horizontally to your nose) for a sun-kissed effect.


Premium quality synthetic bristles.