E-Gift Card Otrera Beauty

20€ 300€
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Want to offer him what he/she wants exactly? Need a last minute gift? You will not be mistaken with the gift card from €20 to €300!


It’s easy! First, enter the name of the person you are giving the E-gift card to, then enter their email address. We advise you to reread yourself so as not to ship it to someone else, you never know. Continue by typing your name and then the message you want to send with the gift card.

Once you have entered all this information, you just need to move the cursor from left to right to choose the amount you want to offer between €20 and €300. If you are generous and want to offer more than €300 (we would like to have you as a friend too …) you just have to offer him several cards;-)

Once the amount is selected, all you have to do is add the card to the cart by clicking on “ADD TO CART” and … that’s it! Your recipient will receive the gift card by mail and will be 1 year old to use it in one time or several times as he or she sees fit. Efficient eh? It’s good! You can relax now 😉