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The V5 brush will be your perfect 2-in-1 ally to apply your blush but also to sculpt the contours of your face. Its angular shape allows it to perfectly follow the curve of your cheek to gently apply and blend the material easily. In addition to its shape, the top of the curve will help you achieve a contour worthy of the greatest makeup artists. You’ll see, it’s designed to fit perfectly under the bone structure of your cheek to do the job on its own. Don’t be afraid to start contouring, this weapon will perfectly and easily contour your face without effort.

Small +: We are fans of its taupe outfit and its brushed gold armour that immediately gives it a luxury look but without the luxury price.

The V of V5 corresponds to the V of the French word “Visage” which means “face” in English, so that it is easier for you to understand the function of each brush, but as we always say: There are no rules! Use your brushes as you wish, that’s what makes them unique 😉



Take the product with the V5 brush and tap on the back of your hand to remove the excess material then:


– Crease your cheeks as if you were imitating a fish (we couldn’t think of a better and easier way). Be careful not to smile while applying your blush because when you stop smiling your cheeks will fall back 😉 The blush is placed in the wrong place (unless you smile all day, we have nothing against Otrera Beauty but beware of cramps!).

– Keeping the fish mimicry, apply the blush from the centre of the cheekbones and make it back and forth to the top of the temples.

– If the result is too intense, mix the back and forth with circular motions.


– To sculpt the upper face, start by applying the product to the top of the forehead, blending in circular motions at the hairline. Be careful not to go too low and stay as close to the forehead as possible. Continue these same movements by moving down to the temples. If necessary, add more material but always remove the excess (it’s better to have too little than too much product).

– To sculpt the centre of the face and redefine your cheekbones, apply the product just below the cheeks using circular movements. Be careful not to get too close to the mouth. To find the exact spot to apply the product, touch your cheekbone with your fingers to locate the crevice just below. Once you have felt it, simply apply the material to this crevice. Don’t forget to blend well for a natural and subtle effect. Contouring at this level is used to sculpt the cheekbones and give a refined face effect.

– To sculpt the lower part of the face, apply material at the jawline and then slightly down into the neck, blending perfectly to avoid demarcation. Sculpting the lower part of the face helps to redefine the contours of the face and create a shadow that will minimize the appearance of a double chin.


Premium quality synthetic bristles.


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Assez dense, très doux, prélève bien la matière donc attention à la dose que l'on prend !

Marie-Charlotte B.